The Novosibirsk State University and the University of Edinburgh has been awarded an Institutional Links Russia-UK grant by the British Council

We are glad to announce that the University of Edinburgh (UoE) and Novosibirsk State University (NSU) have been awarded an Institutional Links Russia-UK grant by the British Council. The supported project will integrate various biomedical data to decipher the molecular bases of cardiovascular diseases, one of the leading causes of mortality both in Russia and the UK.

The project “Methods for Multiomics data analysis using GWAS, eQTL and pQTL as a framework for molecular pathway profiling” aims to create strategic institutional links between UoE and NSU in the area of big data, focused on genomic and other high dimensional multi-omics biomarkers. Results of the project would potentially lead to development of novel biomarkers, patient stratification and risk prediction methods, and identification of new drug targets for cardiovascular disease.

The UK team, led by Prof. Jim Wilson (Center for Global Health Research, Usher Institute of the UoE), will provide a unique collection of data on deep biomarker measurements and expertise in epidemiology and genomics. The Russian team, led by Dr. Dmitry Alexeev (Laboratory of theoretical and applied functional genomics, NSU), will provide expertise in the processing and integration of large and diverse biological datasets, development of algorithms and software.

The experience of participating in a project with one of the leading universities in multi-omics research will allow NSU to advance its own bioinformatics school and reinforce its credentials as a strong partner for future international and domestic collaborations. For UoE, working with leading experts in the statistical analysis of big data offers the prospect of ongoing collaboration and knowledge transfer in a field with considerable potential for translation and impact on patient care.

The project will benefit from the participation of industrial and academic associated partners. The Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, (Kazan Federal University, Russia) will provide expertise in transcriptomics, knowledge of specifics and needs of (multi-)omics studies in Russia. Atlas Biomed Group Ltd (UK) will advise the project on biomarker development and potential. Genos Ltd (Croatia) will provide expertise in the glycomics domain, including its biomarker potential. Gero LLC (Russia) will advise on how the research performed in this project may translate into identification of novel drug targets and drugs, and re-purposing of old drugs.