2020-2021 Open Doors International Olympiad Registration Continues

Participation in the Open Doors Olympiad provides an opportunity for early admission and free tuition to an NSU Master's Program or Postgraduate Studies Program and the ability to choose a scientific advisor for your research. Competing in the Olympiad and subsequent university education is possible in Russian or English. NSU is a member of the Olympiad university organizers for the "Economics and Econometrics" subject area and is coordinator for the “Business and Management", "Chemistry”, and “Materials Science" subjects.

The Open Doors International Olympiad is being conducted for the fourth year. This year, the Olympiad has added a Graduate Studies track in addition to the Master's track. The winners and finalists are applicants who pass at least two (three for Graduate Studies) stages of the Olympiad and score an adequate total number of points. The points must place them in the range of 5% to 25% in the ranked list of participants. The winners of the Olympiad will be admitted to the University tuition free and without exams. Finalists will be eligible for a 20% discount on tuition for their chosen Master's Program.

Foreigners can take part in the Olympiad, as well as Russians who permanently live abroad. Participants in the Master's track must have a Bachelor or Specialist degree, or complete their education at that level in 2021. Participants in the Graduates Studies track must have a Specialist or Master's degree.

Both Olympiad tracks start with two online stages. The first stage consists of a portfolio evaluation. Participants who successfully pass this stage, are invited to the second stage where they must solve the Olympiad test questions that are reviewed by a Proctor.

The Graduate Studies track also includes a third stage. This consists of online interviews with potential scientific advisors identified by the applicant. If the interview is successful, the participant selects an advisor from among those who have expressed their willingness to work with the applicant.

Last year the Olympiad included 11 subjects. This year there are 14 subjects with the addition of Clinical Medicine and Public Health, Earth Sciences, and Education. Also, the names of several subject areas have been updated. Biology, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics are now called Biology and Biotechnology, Neurosciences and Psychology, Physical Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Science, and Economics and Econometrics .

Registration is open from September 15 to December 10, 2020.

Enroll in a Masters or Graduate Studies Program at Novosibirsk State University before the start of the primary admissions campaign!