Why NSU? Foreign Students Feedback. Rishabh Sharma, India

After studying at the Rajasthan State University (India) Rishabh decided to continue his academic career. He won an “Open Doors” scholarship fr om the Russian government and chose NSU master`s program for oil and gas management. Here is his story.

About education

— Why did you choose NSU for further studying?

I wanted to study a masters course related to oil and gas management, and I found my masters in NSU, checked the course on a website and wanted to study it. Also then I received a scholarship from the Russian government through the “Open Doors” scheme and selected NSU as this masters course was closest to my career goals.

— What do you like about studying for two years?

The course itself was actually very interesting, also there were continuous assignments which were engaging and enabled us to learn many work related skills like use of information technology, and statistical analysis tools. Also the classes had many interesting and informative discussions with classmates and teachers. I liked to be part of those discussions.

— How does student life at NSU differ from ones you had when you were getting your first education?

It was a completely new and different experience for me to study at NSU. First of all I was in a completely different country, and the aim of the education system here was to imply practical knowledge and application skills. It was much better in my opinion. Also the environment in class was different. I never had foreign classmates in my class, while here everyone was from different countries which was I think the best part of my masters as I got to learn a lot about different cultures, nations, and people. 

— What could you say about the teaching staff of the faculty?

The teaching staff in NSU are highly experienced and great at their job. They are very professional and highly knowledgeable people in their domain but also in life in general. They are very friendly and open to discussions, advice and support.

NSU Atmosphere

— What do you remember about NSU? The first thing that comes to mind.

The first thing about NSU is just the amazing, mesmerizing beauty of this place. The campus is located in the heart of Siberia surrounded by beautiful forest, 20 min walk away from the Obskoe more reservoir with its beautiful beach. This place has a different life, a different vibe in each season. The winter is quiet and dark and makes you look into yourself in your soul. The summers are full of life, new trees, green, people on the street etc. You can never get enough of this nature.

— Could you name the main advantages of NSU?

As I said before NSU is a highly international university, just even by living on the university campus you get so much learning in the field of intercultural communication and cultural preferences. Also for studies NSU provides a highly open format of learning wh ere a student can sel ect for himself his research field and topic and can do research work with full support of his faculty. 

— Was it difficult to interact with native Russian people?

It is difficult to start a conversation sometimes because it seems they are not interested, but once you have broken the ice they can be the most entertaining, interesting people which make great friends. I personally didn’t feel much of a problem because I had a basic level of Russian language and watched many russian movies so understood the culture a little bit already. But I can understand it can be difficult when you are a complete beginner in Russian as most people above 30 years here can't speak English.

— Did you communicate more with the same foreign students as you are or did you try to talk with Russian guys during your studies?

Basically, I communicated with everyone. I have many friends from different countries, other students who live in the same dorm, classmates, mutual friends etc. Also I have many Russian local friends whom I met while traveling in Russia, going to the city or on the beach, in language exchange clubs, and also in parties.


— Do you think that the knowledge gained at NSU will help you in the future?

Surely the knowledge gained over the past two years will help me in my career as this knowledge and skills can directly be applied to manage companies and make them more efficient. Also the behavioral skills or the personality development which happened due to just being in this environment will help me through my life to make deep meaningful friendships, professional and personal relationships. 

— What advice would you give to future students?

My advice for students in general is to have a plan and regularly work on their thesis and subject matter. For foreigners — try to learn Russian from the moment you decide to come here, also don't be shy to speak Russian fr om the first day in Russia. This will help you a lot in making good friends, having a professional network which will benefit your career and you can realize your 100% potential while in Russia.

Author: Sofia Jumaniyazova, NSU Institute for the Humanities 1st year student