Total Dictation – 2018 Capital is Vladivostok

The Total Dictation conference that took place at the Novosibirsk State University and Academpark hosted the finals for the Total Dictation-2018 capitol. Five cities made it to the finals to compete for the right to become the main platform of the global action. They were Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Tallinn and Tyumen. The results of the competition were announced by the chairman of the jury, NSU Rector Mikhail Fedoruk.


“It was a difficult choice, there were quite heated arguments. But the strongest wins - this is Vladivostok” announced Mikhail Fedoruk.

Fr om October 1 to November 10, the official project website received applications from cities that wanted to become the capital. From November 13 to December 26 online voting took place wh ere anyone could participate and influence the outcome of the competition. As a result, 5 out of the 16 cities reached the final.

At the annual Total Dictation in the city, finalists made presentations and explained why they deserved to become the capital of the action. An expert jury made the final decision. In addition to the Rector Mikhail Fedoruk jury members included Total Dictation-2018 text author Guzel Yakhina, Head of Total Dictation Olga Rebkovets, Chairman of the action expert council Natalia Koshkareva, expert in the field of regional marketing Konstantin Garanin, and soloists from the group " Underwood” Maxim Kucherenko and Vladimir Tkachenko.

“Holding a competition for the capital was a new experience and challenge for the headquarters and those cities that could vie for the status. Sixteen cities participated and during the popular vote, they did all did a lot to organize the Dictation in their cities " said Olga Rebkovets during the finals. The opinion of the jury was divided as the experts noted the high level of preparation by the finalists.

“I thought the presentations would help us make a decision but they made it more difficult for us. We had a long discussion because it was very difficult to choose. Such wonderful presentations!” noted Guzel Yakhina, Total Dictation-2018 author. She will be in Vladivostock to read the text on April 14.

Vladivostok Total Dictation coordinator Vyacheslav Belyakov said, “Serving as the Total Dictation capitol is a very special and important honor for Vladivostock. For me, Total Dictation is about moving forward. I hope that by having the 2018 capitol in Vladivostok, the event will leap forward in seven-mile steps - that is ocean miles of course”.

NSU remains the birthplace, expert center and the main headquarters for the global action. Novosibirsk will coordinate all aspects of the Total Dictation program and NSU teachers will continue to advise new organizers and evaluators.

The competition to serve as the Total Dictation capital will be held annually. The organizers are certain the number of participating cities will increase next year.

Photos: Garik Dyachenko