NSU Students Improve Result at International Student Mathematical Olympiad in Bulgaria

The Novosibirsk State University team improved their results, rising four places in the team classification. The five NSU team members were Alexander Snadin (3rd year) and Maxim Geniman (4th year) from the Natural Sciences Department, Nikolay Sibiryakov (4th year) from the Physics Department and Danil Belousov (1st year MA) and Kirill Ufimtsev (3rd year) from the Mechanics and Mathematics Department. In the team event, NSU took 28th out of 77 places. The students won one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals in individual competitions.

Dmitry Morozov, graduate of the NSU Physics Department and previous Olympiad participant, on the team’s performance,

The team’s improved results can be attributed to regular classes to prepare for the Olympiads and the development of the Siberian Mathematical Competition that is conducted by NSU. Since last year, we have opened venues in other cities and countries. This significantly increased competition and allowed us to sel ect NSU students who have already competed with students from other universities who traditionally do well in Olympiads. In addition, we identify NSU entering students who have taken part in school mathematics Olympiads. Of course, the university level mathematical problems are very different, but it is much easier for students with a similar background to adapt to the challenges of university Olympiads.

Morozon also credited the success of the team to their coach, Alexander Bolbot, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The Olympiad took place over two days. Each day participants were given five problems fr om various areas of mathematics such as math including mathematical analysis, functional analysis, algebra, combinatorics, and geometry. Participants said the problems this year were diverse and interesting.

Alexander Snadin, NSU team member who also shared the gold medal, talked about his experience,

This is the second time I participated in this Olympiad and I hope I’ll go next year. The Olympics are well organized, everything is provided. This time we performed much better than last year because we had excellent classes in Olympiad mathematics and good courses in mathematics and physics at our Department. I would like our team to produce even better results next year.

NSU students have continued to improve their results during their seven Olympiad performances. Last year the NSU team placed 32 out of 70, and the year before, 46th out of 71.