NSU Participates in VI Plenary Meeting of the Eurasian-Pacific Uninet in Vienna

Eurasia Pacific Uninet, (EPU) is a network of universities and research institutions from many countries. The Network has more than 160 participants from such countries as Austria, Russia, China, the DPRK, the Republic of Korea, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Taiwan, Mongolia, and Central Asian countries. EPU was established in 2002 to foster the development of multilateral scientific and academic cooperation in various fields of knowledge. Its activities include conducting joint research, and conferences, and providing grants to graduate students and young scientists.

Novosibirsk State University has been a member of EPU since 2005. Since then, ten teachers and postgraduates from various NSU departments in the humanities and natural sciences have received scholarships for scientific and educational internships at universities in Austria.

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In September 2017, NSU hosted its first Eurasian-Pacific Uninet humanities conference dedicated to the “Protection of Cultural Heritage During Migration Periods” at the NSU Humanities Institute. In October 2018, EPU supported several events at the Heritage Forum conducted by the NSU Humanities Institute. This included the “Current Issues of Studying History, International Relations, and Cultures of the East” Conference hosted by the NSU Humanities Institute Oriental Studies Section. They also supported an exhibition presenting the work of Austrian artist Barbara Sallowan, “Virtual Reconstruction of Yuanmingyuan Park in Beijing: Juxtapositions of Purple and Gold”. The exhibition was well received by NSU students and faculty.

More than 100 representatives of EPU institutional members attended the May 2019 Plenary meeting in Vienna. The meeting summarized the work that has been done, and discussed and concretized joint projects in various educational fields. Associate Professor Sergey Filippov, Deputy Director of Humanities Institute and coordinator of NSU/EPU relations, and Professor Elena Rytishek, Head of the Humanities Institute Oriental Studies Section, represented NSU. They made presentations on NSU’s international and scientific cooperation with Uninet member universities. NSU’s active role as a member of the Network was stressed repeatedly in speeches by EPU President Professor W.-D. Raush, R. Trapple, Vice-President and Director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Vienna, as well as other participants in the plenary meeting.