NSU Announces Competition for Best Interdisciplinary Masters Programs Ideas

NSU announces the launch of the first stage of the "New Interdisciplinary NSU Masters Programs" competition. Novosibirsk State University employees, as well as representatives from Novosibirsk Scientific Center institutes, Russian and foreign research organizations and high-tech companies are invited to participate.

The goal of the competition is to offer new interdisciplinary educational programs that are related to the STEM-disciplines (science, technology, engineering, math), and in demand by employers and graduate student applicants. The contest will be conducted in several stages. During the first stage, teams with representatives from different disciplines will be created. These teams will submit their best ideas to the competition organizers. Teams that are chosen to move forward will receive training and further develop their interdisciplinary educational programs.

Competition participants can be project teams consisting of employees at Novosibirsk State University and other qualified personnel from Novosibirsk Scientific Center institutes, Russian and foreign research organizations, high-tech companies, start-ups, etc. New interdisciplinary educational programs will be offered and students graduating from other universities and other countries will be applying to them as early as 2018.

Teams participating in the contest of ideas should be ready to develop an educational program in several subject areas. Team participants must submit an application to the competition organizers. The information required for the application is available in Russian in the formal competition description link here. Applications should be sent to: matveev.nsu@mail.ru.

For the first wave of applications, teams should submit ideas that are already well developed. The deadline for receipt of first wave applications December 25, 2017. Teams whose applications receive a positive evaluation, will be invited to the “Skolkovo” Moscow School of Management higher qualification training program (starting January 14, 2018, it will be conducted at NSU). During this training, participants will further develop their Master’s Program ideas and present them to Russian experts for their assessment.

Information on the schedule and order of subsequent stages for the "New Interdisciplinary NSU Masters Programs” competition will be announced.