Special course, "Models and Methods of Quantitative Genetics", will be offered at NSU

Graduates and undergraduates are invited to a special course, "Models and Methods of Quantitative Genetics."

The course will be conducted by Dr. Yuri Sergeevich Aulchenko, Doctor Biological Science.

Dates: September 18-22, 2017

Application deadline: September 1, 2017 All those planning to participate in the course, including NSU students, must apply and register (registration process described below).

Location: Novosibirsk State University, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia

Course Description: Quantitative genetics is an exact science that is based on a small number of key observations and basic models that make possible a quantitative description of (micro) evolutionary phenomena and predicting the results of genetic experiments. Quantitative genetics uses powerful mathematical tools. Many modern statistical methods were originally developed to solve quantitative genetic problems. Today, the breakthrough developments in molecular biology technologies makes it possible to characterize hundreds of thousands of living organisms by millions of genomic and other "omics" parameters. This includes understanding the structural features and functioning of the genome by using this data and that is the challenge of modern quantitative genetics.

The course is devoted to a review of the main models and methods for quantitative genetics and genomics, usually as they are applied to human characteristics. The course consists of both theoretical (lecture) and practical components. In the lecture component, the basics of population genetics and methods of genetic mapping, as well as relevant methods of probability theory and mathematical statistics, will be presented. The practical seminar work will provide participants an opportunity to solve problems by working on mini-projects. Participants in the course are required to have a laptop computer.

Other requirements: Participants should have an understanding of the basic concepts of probability theory, mathematical statistics, genetics and genomics.

Participation and registration: The course is recommended for NSU students of Cytology and Genetics at the Department of Natural Sciences. We have reserved a limited number of places for other participants, including students in other NSU departments, and from other universities / cities. If you are interested in participating, please send a motivation letter and CV to statgenomicslab@ gmail.com.

Application filing instructions: 1 / Last Name_First Name_CV; 2 / Last Name_First Name_M In the letter subject, indicate that you are applying for the course "Models and Methods of Quantitative Genetics". Since the number of places is limited, we urge you to apply as early as possible.

Dr. Yuri Sergeevich Aulchenko is a specialist in the field of quantitative and statistical genetics. The focus of his scientific interests are the genetic control of complex characteristics and widespread human diseases, functional genomics, analysis and integration of omics data. Within the framework of the TOP-100 project, he is Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Functional Genomics NSU Department of Natural Sciences.

Course Coordinator: Natalia Aulchenko  Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Functional Genomics, NSU Department of Natural Sciences
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