On July 15, within the framework of the MCA Seminar, a discussion on the future of mathematical education will be held

This Thursday, July 15, we invite everyone to join the big discussion about the future of mathematics education. We want to talk about what mathematical education is in the broadest sense of the word, why it is needed and what it will be or should become. We are waiting for everyone who is not indifferent to mathematics, regardless of the field of activity, professional experience, age, etc.

We plan to hold a discussion in the format of a kind of debate: several speakers from different fields will present their laconic theses on mathematical education, on top of which we will all reason together, argue somewhere, agree somewhere, and somewhere we will come up with completely new questions or hypotheses...

By the way, we want to create a list of speakers together with you!
In order for us to organize the discussion as productive and interesting as possible, we ask those who wish to act as "speakers" to register in the form: https://forms.gle/5Q7mmD8rkt7Z2bC69

We will be glad if you invite your colleagues/friends/employees to this event. The more different points of view we can collect on one platform, the hotter and more exciting the discussions will be!