“The Riemann Zeta Function and Prime Numbers” lecture minicourse will be read on April 12–17

RAS Professor, Doctor of physics and mathematics Maxim A. Korolev (Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia) will tell in simple words about the connection of the Riemann zeta function with purely arithmetic objects — prime numbers.

Lectures will be held at 6:10 pm (UTC+7) in room 5216 of NSU on April 12 and in room 4109 on April 13–17.

Attendees will learn about the connection of the location of the zeros of the zeta function to the distribution of prime numbers in the natural series. The course is supposed to acquaint attendees with the simplest properties, establish the boundary of its zeros, found by de la Vallée-Poussin, prove the asymptotic law of distribution of primes, learn how to use the so-called density theorems to prove the existence of primes on "short" intervals. To understand the course, it is enough to know the basics of the theory of the function of a complex variable. All the necessary information will be presented during the presentation.